Dog Sledding

8 to 9 day adventures

Canada.  A challenging but relaxed fun trip!  You should be in relatively good physical shape and have a good team spirit.  Based up in the Yukon mountains for good snow conditions and true wilderness adventure.  Available end November to early April.  £1475 including local taxes but excluding flights.  8 days, accommodation in basic cabins (4 nights) and heated trapper tents (2 nights).

Sweden. Enjoy the spectacular scenery of the mountains and really become a part of the team as you collect water from the lakes, chop wood, heat up the sauna and help look after and feed your team of dogs.  Overnights in public and private cabins.  Tough but a rewarding experience.  Stunning wilderness adventure.  Departures 22nd February to 5th April 2017.  8 days, 6 with your huskies, £1625 plus flights.

Sweden. Travel through Laplands' snow draped forests.  Wonderful opportunities to see the Northern Lights during the dark polar nights, see the glittering snow, breathe pure air and a silence so intense you can almost hear it!  Overnight in simple cabins and helping the guide.  Days may be short but the huts will be cosy.  Departs: 4th Dec to 9th Apr 2018.  8 days, 6 days with your dog team, from £1465 excl. flights.

Sweden. Enjoy spectacular mountain scenery and really become a part of the team as this independent expedition crosses vast lakes, climbs mountain passes giving spectacular views of Kebnekaise, the highest mountain in Sweden.  Great team experience.  Tough rewarding experience.  Stunning wilderness adventure.  Thursdays from 1st Mar to 5th April 2018.  8 days, 6 with your huskies, £1595 plus flights

Sweden.  A week long adventure based on day trips from a comfortable base, although an overnight in a wilderness cabin is possible.  Tailored to the clients ability and wishes the programme is not meant to be arduous and is ideal for beginners and children.  Possibility of visiting local attractions.  Departures: January and Feb, Sat to Sat, possibility of direct flights.   £xxxx per person excluding flights.

Sweden.  Superb expedition through the stunning mountains on the Swedish / Norwegian border south of Sarak National Park.  Fitness and a sense of adventure required.  Comfortable but simple mountain cabins are used and you will be required to help look after your dog team as well as help with other group duties.  Group size 2 to 5 persons.  Departures upon request Mar & Apr.  £xxxx, flights not included.

Finland.  Explore the remote undulating open forest terrain of the frozen north.  Stay in unique husky lodge or cottage.  3 nights in wilderness cabins, 5 days husky sledding with one free day for other winter activities (snowshoeing, XC skiing, snowmobiling etc.)  Great area for the Aurora and the wild wide open Tunturiland landscape.  18th Nov to 21st Apr,  £1415 & £1565, cottage extra.

Finland.  Explore a remote area of Finland on the Russian Border.  This area of rolling hills, lakes and open forest is a wildlife haven have been a 'no go' zone for many years.  Great mix of travel by husky sled (4 days) and snowshoe walking with huskies (2 days).  Hotel or cottage, wilderness cabins on safari.  Sunday to Sunday.  8th & 15th April.  £1435 per person, add £120 for cottage

Sweden.  After an overnight at base you transfer to a simple wilderness cabin. From there you can venture across lakes and through forests or up into the mountains if your fitness and weather permit.  You will be expected to help with basecamp duties as well as look after your dog team.  2 to 4 persons.  Departures upon request March & April.  £xxxx, 8 days, 7 nights, 6 days on safari.  Flights not included.

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Finland. Close to the Russian Border this safari takes you through mainly protected wilderness areas of national parks and untouched borderland forest.  Undulating terrain with forest tracks and trails and open lakes.  Accommodation in simple hotel or cottage for 3 nights, 4 night is simple wilderness cabins.  Departures: 7th January to 1st April, Sunday to Sunday. From £1494 add £120 for cottage

Call for 2018 update
Call for 2018 update
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