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Sweden.  Wonderful opportunities to see the Aurora during the dark polar nights, see the glittering snow, breathe pure air and a silence so intense you can almost hear it!  Overnight in simple cabins.  2nd Dec to 6th April 2020.  8 days, up to 6 days with huskies, from £1395 excl. flights.

Canada.  Based in the Yukon mountains for good snow conditions and true wilderness experience.  Challenging but great fun.  Available December to April.  Accommodation in lodges, cabins and heated tents.  £1395 including local taxes but excluding flights to Whitehorse. 

Sweden.  Enjoy spectacular mountain scenery as this independent expedition crosses vast lakes, climbs mountain passes giving views of the Kebnekaise and more. Tough rewarding experience.  Stunning wilderness adventure.  27th Feb to 2nd April 2020.  8 days, 6 with your huskies, £1525 plus flight costs.

Sweden.  Enjoy the spectacular scenery of the mountains on this expedition safari.  Overnights in cabins.  Tough but a rewarding experience.  Stunning wilderness adventure.  No experience required but be willing to try.  Departures 19th Feb to 8th April 2020.  8 days, 6 with your huskies, £1545 plus flight costs.

Explore the remote undulating wild open forest terrain of the frozen north.  Based in simple wilderness cabins, 5 days husky sledding with one free day for winter activities.  Great for the Aurora and wide open spaces.  30th Nov to 15th Apr 2020, Sat to Sat & Wed to Wed.  From £1475 flights not included .

Close to the Russian Border this safari takes you through mainly protected wilderness areas of national parks and untouched borderland forest.  Simple hotel or cottage for 3 nights, 4 nights is simple wilderness cabins.  5th January to 1st April, Sunday to Sunday. From £1785 add £140 for cottage

Explore a remote area of Finland on the Russian Border.  Rolling hills, lakes and open forest.  Travel by husky sled (4 days) and snowshoe walking with huskies (2 days).  Hotel or cottage and wilderness cabins when on the trail.  Sunday to Sunday.  6th and 13th April  £1625 per person, add £140 for cottage

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