New Year Holidays

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Husky Safaris and Adventure Holidays
 for the New Year

Sweden.  Travel through forests draped in snow in remote Lapland with wonderful opportunities to see the Northern Lights during the dark polar nights.  Overnight in simple cabins.  Days may be short but the huts will be cosy - some heated with wood, lit with candles and with no running water.  8 days, up to 6 with your dog team.  27th Dec 2015 to 3rd Jan 2016, £1525 plus flights.

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Finland.  Enjoy a wonderful dogsled safari in the beautiful and peaceful winter scenery of the Finnish Lapland.  Drive your own team of dogs with overnights on the trail in simple wilderness cabins (no electricity, w.c. or showers - althought a sauna will normally be available!)  A very special New Year Holiday.  7 days, 5 days with your dog team, 27th Dec 2016 to 2nd Jan 2017£1550 plus flights

Finland.  Adventure week for adults where you will enjoy all the best winter activities; Reindeer safari, snowmobile day tour and a husky sledding trip (with overnight journey to a wilderness cabin).  One day free for additional options such as visiting the snow village, snowshoeing, XC skiing or downhill skiing.  27th December 2016 to 2nd January 2017.  £1395  excluding flights.

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Finland. If you wish to travel through one of the most scenic areas in Finland then this is the holiday for you.  The rolling mountains of the Pallas-Yllas National Park are interspersed with lakes and open forest.  Accommodation for the week is a wilderness cabin.  Group: 7 persons max.  27th December 2015 to 2nd January 2016.  7 days / 6 nights.  £1385 plus flights.

Finland.  For those who want to experience all the winter adventures -snowmobile tour, 2 day overnight husky safari, snowshoeing and XC skiing, Reindeer farm visit with one rest day to relax or enjoy options such as downhill or XC skiing.  Comfortable warm hotel accommodation.  1st to 7th January 2017 £1375 excluding flights to Kuusamo.


Finland.  Perfect winter adventure for those who want to experience all the winter adventures but with rest days to relax or enjoy downhill skiing or XC skiing and other options.  Warm and comfortable hotel.  Snowmobile tour, husky safari,   snowshoeing and ice fishing, Reindeer farm visit.  Weekly from 4th Dec to 16th April.  £965 low season, £995 high season inc Christmas & New Year.  Children 4 to 11 sharing £435.

Finland.  For those short of time but still want a taste of the magic of winter in the heart of Finland.   You will stay in a peaceful and cosy hotel with quality activities, comfortable rooms, indoor mini-spa, gym and tasty food.  Snowmobiling and a husky safari awaits!  From 6th December to 17th April except Christmas and New Year.  From £675 plus flights.  £425 for chilrden 4 to 12.

Finland.   Based in timber/log cabins adjacent to a spa hotel.   Adventure week for adults only with Reindeer farm visit, snowmobile tour and a two day husky safari to a wilderness cabin where you stay overnight before returning.  One day free for options such as visiting the snow village, snowshoeing, XC skiing or downhill skiing.  27th Dec to 2nd Jan 2017, £1550 plus flights.

Finland.  Family friendly. Accommodation in comfortable log cabins adjacent to a Spa hotel.  Stunning location by lakeshore with good facilities.  Activities include snowmobiling, Reindeer farm visit, husky safari, ice fishing, xc skiing and snowshoe walking.   27th Dec 2016 to 2nd Jan 2017, 7 days / 6 nights, £1265 + cabin supplement for adults, suitable for children 5 years old and over, excludes flights.


Due to 30% fall in the £ there is a small increase in these prices.