& Team Building

We can offer a programme created just for you - so these samples are just the starting point - to give you some idea of the possibilities.  Time available, desirable dates, overall budget and number of participants are factors involved 
together we create the ideal package for your company, department or group.

Finland.  Ideal if you want your staff to evolve that 'can do' approach to any situation.  Warning - may turn them into Ray Mears wanna be's!  Flexible - example here is in Finnish Karelia near the Russia border but can be located anywhere.  Ideal mix of challenge and fun.  Objectives easy to switch - let us know your requirements.

Iceland.  If you want to give your staff/clients/ associates THE trip then this is it.  Please have deep pockets - if you have a tight budget look elsewhere.  Programme options mainly constrained by timeframe available.  Small or large groups would dictate some variations.  Special trip designed to be memorable and surprising.

Sweden.  Location Jukkasjarvi so option to add stay at the Ice Hotel - but we would recommend building your own igloo for those who want to be active.  Massive array of options, gourmet meals available even out in the wilderness.  Needs at least a two day programme to be effective plus flying time.  Small or large groups - no problem. 

Sweden.  A real cultural experience.  Ideal for a younger team placing them in a novel and almost surreal environment.  Challenges and experiences come thick and fast.  Soon produces that team effect.  With no preconceived notions available your team will act spontaneously producting an extremely liberating outcome.

Sweden.  If time is short then this programme and location is idea.  Flights available from central London and short transfer times means that you get into the programme straight away.  Full and varied itinerary with challenges or luxury to match your focus.  Everyone leaves upbeat and buzzing - and wanting more.

Winter can be an ideal time to take your staff on incentive or team building programmes.  It doesn't clash with staff holidays and other events - and for many the challenges and adventure of the snowy winter environment are novel and create special interest